LG Hi-Macs Countertops

LG HI-MACS is the ultimate solid surface material, ideal for countertops and other surfacing applications where extreme durability, versatility and lasting beauty are a must.

An ever-expanding collection of colors and styles allows LG HI-MACS to blend perfectly into any d├ęcor or architectural design. LG HI-MACS has properties that make it today’s most desirable surfacing material.

Its non-porous surface is easy to clean and is completely renewable. And because LG HI-MACS is thermoformable, it can be molded or shaped to fit any design you can imagine.

LG HI-MACS is a substantially better value than other brands of solid surface, allowing more and more home owners and businesses the opportunity to use premium solid surfaces in their projects.

Serving East Tennessee since 1968
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